• 27. May, 2020

    New product in our offer and invitation for webinar (OPC ROUTER)

    We extended our solutions for communication and factory digitalisation with OPC Router software product from german producer inray Industrie Software. OPC Router is a powerful tool, working as »middleware« interface between OT and IT devices – it integrates PLCs, PCS, SCADA, ERP and MES systems, SQL servers, labellers/printers and e-mail servers. OPC Router as communication platform with embedded drag&drop functions connects data sources with databases and other target destinations. More info about OPC Router can be found on this link.

    You can learn more about OPC Router during webinar on 29.5.2020. Content of webinar is following:

    • OPC Router functionalities (15 min)
    • Live Demo (60 min):
      • OPC -> CSV
      • CSV-> MS SQL Server
      • REST or MQTT plug-in
      • OPC -> SAP
    • Q&A at the end (15 min)

    Start of webinar at 10.30, duration 90 minutes, will be held in english. You can register via info@inea-rbt.si, then you will get access to webinar.

    Integration of devices with databases and other systems is possible with 37 different Plug-ins (OPC, SAP, SQL, MS Access/Excel, EUROMAP 63 and 77, ThingWorx, Oracle, Json, REST, MQTT, ODBC, SQLite, XML Xpath, RFID, MySQL and others). List of Plug-Ins is located on this link.

    Free demo can be found on this link.

    Product is not a supplement for Kepware/KEPServerEX OPC platform, it complements it.

    We are here for more info about our IIoT and I4.0 solutions. Kindly invited for webinar.

  • 10. July, 2018

    eWON Cosy with new functionalities

    eWON Cosy as entrance model for Remote Access to machines has recently been updated. eWON has developed 4G version (for areas where Ethernet is not available), which enables LTE networks. If 4G network becomes unstable, (more…)

  • 17. November, 2017

    Vabilo na Dneve avtomatizacije 2017

    Pri Inea RBT v sodelovanju s podjetjem Mitsubishi Electric ponovno organiziramo tradicionalne Dneve avtomatizacije 2017, ki bodo organizirani že šestič. Dogodek se bo odvijal v torek, 28.11.2017 z začetkom ob 9. uri zjutraj v konferenčnem centru MONS na Brdu v Ljubljani (Pot za Brdom 4, 1000 Ljubljana). (more…)

  • 5. November, 2017

    Inea RBT with new webpage in 2017, AA+ credit rating and ISO 9001:2015 standard

    At Inea RBT we take care for company image, beside that we disclose excellence of Business processes in our company.  (more…)