Ewon Flexy 205 for Remote Data Acquisition

In addition to the remote access functionality of Ewon modems, which enable remote programming, parameterization and maintenance of devices, a great advantage is also the functionality of remote data acquisition. The latter function is provided by the modular Ewon Flexy 205 modem, which provides maintenance workers, plant managers and owners with an overview of the state of production processes.

Ewon Flexy 205 industrial router characteristics
  • Ewon Flexy 205 enables remote PLC & HMI programming, receiving of alarms and notifications, KPI indicator review for, data logging of (time stamped) data and remote data acquisition
  • Flexy 205 modem has a built-in web server for configuring and tracking data
  • Flexy 205 is programmable using JAVA and BASIC scripting languages
  • Modem offers easy configuration and development of application
  • viewON user interface allows HMI panel web creation
  • Flexy 205 base module provides Ethernet connectivity and is further upgradable with communication cards
WAN Communication Field Communication
GSM WiFi Ethernet MPI Serial ports I/O
FLB 3204 (4G EU)
FLB 3205 (4G NA)
FLB 3203 (4G Verizon)
FLB 3202 (3G+)
FLB 3271 FLX 3101 FLC 3701 FLA 3301 FLX 3402

Modes of connectivity

  • Data transfer is possible via Talk2M Cloud, which enables VPN connectivity for user
  • Router connects to Talk2M Cloud via Internet with help of Ethernet cable or WiFi over local network, or via 3G/4G GSM network
  • User accesses the remote device using eCatcher tool (Talk2M VPN Client), eCatcher Mobile (iOS and Android application) and via M2Web (Talk2M Web portal)

Talk2M Cloud for data transfer


Talk2M Cloud:

  • Talk2M Cloud enables data transfer with help of more than 30 Servers across the world and audit tracking for data transfer
  • Talk2M Cloud is certified with ISO27001:2013 and ISECOM STAR certificates
  • Talk2M Cloud is available in 178 countries, it connects more than 400.000 Ewon Routers and has created more than 40 mio VPN connections

Simple KPI indicators – useful functionality for control of machines in real time

  • Flexy 205 offers an easy feature to set up maximum six KPIs (key performance indicators) to show device status, production quantities and similar device performance indicators
  • KPI solution is available for M2Web user interface, which allows you to view online status of device with computer or smartphone
  • Functionality is simple as it does not require investment in development of SCADA visualization solutions – solution is accessible to every user with few clicks (machine builders, programmers, maintenance workers and managers & owners of production plants)

More about establishment of KPI indicators on this link.

Compatibility with all known PLC producers

  • Flexy 205 is ready to work with all worldwide known PLC producers
  • Ewon products offer Ethernet and serial PLC connectivity with help of integrated drivers and protocols
  • backward compatibility for serial PLCs is enabled, as well as support over programmable input

Ewon is part of e-Factory Alliance of Mitsubishi Electric:

  • Ewon solutions and products are complementary with Mitsubishi Electric products for OEM users, system-integrators and end users
  • Integrated drivers enable communication with Mitsubishi PLCs

You can check basics of remote access on this link.

How to establish VPN remote access with Ewon Cosy?