Ewon Cosy+ Remote Access Industrial Router

Nowadays, every machine builder, system integrator, programmer, maintainer or end user of device is faced with need of remote access to device, to production process or to entire production plant. With Ewon Cosy+ router, it is possible to create time and financial savings associated with remote access, it is possible to increase responsiveness, to reduce maintenance costs and to optimize active operating time of machines.

Remote access with Cosy+ modem allows:

  • Remote problem solving and remote programming of PLC controllers
  • Controlling and programming of remote HMI panels
  • Receiving alarms from remote location
  • Connecting web / IP camera to support field technicians
  • Support for field engineers at start-up

Ewon Cosy+ industrial router characteristics
Modes of connectivity Ethernet WiFi 4G GSM


Product reference EC71330 EC7133J EC7133L (EU)
EC7133K (NA)
EC7133M (APAC)
WAN Connectivity LAN LAN & WiFi 802.11
Ethernet Connectivity 4x 10/100Mb (configurable LAN/WAN inputs)
Inputs/Outputs 2x DI, 1x DO
Power Supply 12-24 V DC +/-20%, LPS
Temperature range -25°C to +60°C

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Modes of connectivity

  • Data transfer is possible via Talk2M Cloud, which enables VPN connectivity for user
  • Router connects to Talk2M Cloud via Internet with help of Ethernet cable or WiFi over local network, or via 4G GSM network
  • User accesses the remote device using eCatcher tool (Talk2M VPN Client), eCatcher Mobile (iOS and Android application) and via M2Web (Talk2M Web portal)

Talk2M Cloud for data transfer


Talk2M Cloud:

  • Talk2M Cloud enables data transfer with help of more than 30 Servers across the world and audit tracking for data transfer
  • Talk2M Cloud is certified with ISO27001:2013 and ISECOM STAR certificates
  • Talk2M Cloud is available in 178 countries, it connects more than 400.000 Ewon Routers and has created more than 40 mio VPN connections


  • Cosy+ VPN router has integrated chip that complements ISO27001 certificated Talk2M Cloud with hardware security

Compatibility with all known PLC producers

  • Cosy+ is ready to work with all worldwide known PLC producers
  • Ewon products offer Ethernet and serial PLC connectivity with help of integrated drivers and protocols
  • backward compatibility for serial PLCs is enabled, as well as support over programmable input

Ewon is part of e-Factory Alliance of Mitsubishi Electric:

  • Ewon solutions and products are complementary with Mitsubishi Electric products for OEM users, system-integrators and end users
  • Integrated drivers enable communication with Mitsubishi PLCs

You can check basics of remote access on this link.

How to establish VPN remote access with Ewon Cosy?

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